America's counter terrorist team.

Posing looks off.

The posing looks really lazy and the camera angle is boring. CSS jokes are pretty damn old now too.

This is only my third CS:S joke…I’ll go try and fix the posing.

Here’s an idea: Start fucking listening to C&C for once in a while and make a half-decent picture for a change.

I do. It’s just on and off.

Still looks very lazy.

The terrorist is posed, the CT is posed, explain what’s so lazy. Other then me not bothering to get both hands on the AK.

It just looks lazy, go fetch a mirror and stand infront of it, just casually, and look how you stand. No one stands like you posed, it just looks awful.

No one stand straight up? And I’ve got no mirrors that cover my feet.

No one stands up with both legs in front of him, leaning backwards, bending his knees. that’s just fucking uncomfortable.

I would take a picture to show you that he isn’t leaning backwards and his ass and legs are on par, but I forgot to save it after I fixed it so…What ever. You win. It’s just a concept.

Do you really think I care about winning over you? I’m just sick and tired giving out C&C and you not listening.

I do listen. Take for example.

I just have off days or pictures if you would prefer.

Oh I get it! This says that our anti-terrorist system don’t do shit! Which is pretty much 100% correct!.
I laughed.
And also…