"Amerikanischer trupfen!"


Im still working on the muzzleflash. Anything else wrong, than that? Thank you, c&c.

could use work on posing

Again, muzzleflash needs to be brighter and be giving off more light.

The camera angle is really terrible.

The motion blur on the stuff in the explosion looks pretty good, though.

What is a good camera angle? Please tell me :slight_smile:

One that isn’t from so far away we can’t actually see any of the characters and one that doesn’t leave so much wasted space.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

Posing isn’t very good and the blur is ugly. Also, what’s up with that title? It doesn’t make any logical or grammatical sense. I think what you meant is “Amerikanische Truppen!”.
Trupfen isn’t even a word, don’t ever trust the google translator.

Posing on the machine gunner is awful. Explosion looks alright though.

mastergfh, sorry about that, i’ve had german in school for 3 years, buuut… im not that good. But dont worry, i dont use Google :slight_smile:
In case people havent seen, the MG’er has gotten headshot :slight_smile: