Amidakilla's Complete Roleplaying Market-Homes!

Hello there!
I’m amidakilla and this is my first release.
I think you play roleplay then. (edit’d)
And i know that u waste your time by building markets, buying decorating apartments and losing time to get known and can’t be a wicked good (drug, weapon, medkit… whatever you want) dealer.
Only for you, here is my complete Shop-Home Adv. Duplications!
I made the first shop-home of gundealer 10 minutes ago and i’m pleased to share it with you.
All credits goes to AmiDaKilla (Which is ME).
Here you go and the rest will come following days :slight_smile:

Gundealer’s shop-home.
P.S. Note that i’m a new before you comment annoying. Just Download - Extract it to adv_dupe and enjoy!
See you soon.
P.P.S. I only care your suggestions not gtfo’s and uninstall’s. So i edited it like you want.

nobody will download this unless you have pictures
so we cant critique, and since you’re new, we are probably going to say its shit

also, this is mainly a builder’s forum, no roleplay stuff goin on here


A link to a Rapidshit download does not count as pictures.

Pictures please.

pics or gtfo

Pics or no cake.

‘Hello there!
I’m amidakilla and this is my first release.
I Think everbody plays Roleplay mode.’

No. I stopped reading.

I play roleplay once in a blue moon. well, I used to. difficult to RP when Gmod won’t connect to servers. and this is a CONTRAPTION section. CON-TRAP-TION.

You’re wrong there, bud.


No one is going to download your shit. Uninstall gmod.

i got lol all over me

No. gtfo fore’ i rape u wer it hurt