Amish city? (Interactive)

So I made another interactive, yay! >.>

So what next?

Grab the guns, Load them, and use all the ammo to make sure that dead guy is dead. then burn all the guns.

Actually, Take everything and the gun the man has.

Shoot all your rounds wildly in the air until something happens.

also post what you do next

Read my edit >:C

Shoot yourself with the glock18.

ok update.

You die…


Because of a pice of the cieling fell down on your head

Ah, an unexpected end of events. ’ you better respawn bitch’.

That was great interactive comic! Very long and good. YOU BETTER RESPAWN! :fuckyou:

Hmm… I’ll think about it.

Omfg shortest comic ever.
Btw really odd way too die, i mean a cieling fell on your head :wtc:

Ahaha that was gold, Let’s do another.

Dude, what’s up with all these interactive comics lately?

why is nobody ever serious with these comics?

They get bored. And most of the interactives are boring.

I will make something totally new, an inatractive comic!


My god this is EXTREMELY generic, "you wake up with no memories, something world-changing has happened ( zombies most likely) you find a corpse and some weapons.

It’s been done to death man!

“My god this is EXTREMELY generic”

Like Micheal Bay films and he wins money, Generic is future !

I wanted it to be generic, and I know it’s been done to death. But the guy died anyway!