Ammo Crates

I know you can get ammo crates for gmod but i can only find it for pistol and i want everyone

can someone tell me where to find them or give me a link or something PLEASE?

Like this Pistol Ammo Crate

ent_create ammo_pistol

I think.

I mean like this

Maybe you can go into HL2 in Garry’s Mod, and duplicate the crates yourself?



You click Play Singleplayer. Then you load up one of the HL2 maps. You’ll go into the game, but you’ll still have your spawnmenu and toolgun and all your weapons and shit, if you have sandbox as your gamemode.

Keep in mind that it is glitchy as hell, but you can use your adv duplicator tool on any crates you find.

no that doesnt work. it shows an error.

An error fucking where?

Ye can i get them as an entity?

This one includes ammo boxes, health vials, and the sandbox weapons as spawnable entities:

This one looks to be the actual ammo crate, which appears to give several types of ammo.

ye i know but i want them in each their box not just 1

Download that shit and edit it dude, just change the model and change what it gives

Why do you think i request them? cus i dont know how to edit

you just need to edit “pistol” to “rpg” or “smg”

Ok cool but first i have to get my pc to work again