ammo help

I want to change how to much amount of ammo received from ammo spawns.
For sandbox


If you want to change the default ammunition with a weapon; DefaultClip is the var that decides how much ammo gets added to the magazine each time it is picked up.

If you’re talking about ammo-spawns, is it TTT? If so, you can change it inside the entity itself.

Example: terrortown/entities/entities/item_ammo_357_ttt.lua

-- Rifle ammo override


ENT.Type = "anim"
ENT.Base = "base_ammo_ttt"
ENT.AmmoType = "357"
ENT.AmmoAmount = 10 -- << Change that amount which is how much the player gets from this ent
ENT.AmmoMax = 20 -- << Change that amount which prevents the ent from giving the player more than this
ENT.Model = Model("models/items/357ammo.mdl")
ENT.AutoSpawnable = true

no for sandbox