Ammo In F4 Menu, Doesnt give ammo + Weapons purchasable by everyone

Hello again all.

I’ve been bashing my head against the wall for a few days now over a few issues in my server:

I have the ammo in the F4 Menu and it appears, purchases and drops on the ground fine. But when i pick it up no ammo is given, ive searched for fixes but nothing is doing the trick!!!

I have added pistols to the F4 Menu and again it appears fine and purchases and shoots fine, etc but it is available to everyone?!
Ive done the restrictpistol thing and to no avail, any help would be appreciated :confused:

EDIT: I’d also like to add that i can’t make job items undroppable.

  1. What weapon pack are you using? Post your ammo code and are you getting any errors in the client or server console?

  2. Post your code


  1. Im using FAS:2, im currently using all the addon packs of this. There are no errors what so ever, it just spawns the ammo in then disappears and doesnt give me any ammo!

  2. One example of the gun:

DarkRP.AddCustomShipment(".44 Magnum", “models/weapons/w_357.mdl”, “fas2_ragingbull”, 0, 0, true, 650, false, {TEAM_ILLEGAL, TEAM_ADMIN})

  1. Ive tried that too and to no avail. I can still drop the weapons but it gives me a console error

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Nevermind, there is no console error with the third. It was only with an addon weapon that was dropped

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Honestly any help is appreciated, im about to slaughter someone

I know u guys probbably view these as easy problems, but im really struggling. Please help me