Ammo Pack and Medkit

I know this a long shot and it will mostlikely never seriouslly get done… but im going to give it a shot anyway.

Im wondering if anyone can cook up a Medkit and Ammo pack with the insurgency hands, give it some animations to heal yourself and other players and giving ammo, Stuff like that.

Im not modeller at all… I would learn if i could but i dont have the programs needed to learn.

So basicly you want an insurgency hand skin + left 4 dead medkit and healing animations? Yeah um. Good luck. I would help but I can only give you a vew model with the hands. I have no crappy idea how to make a l4d animation for healing :confused:

Insurgency skins no, the insurgency hand models need to be used since it will fit in with my Insurgency sweps.

Yeah still, I have no clue how to insert the animation into gmod for 2 reason:

  1. I don’t know how to even do that
  2. Even if I did, it will fail, because player models in l4d are way different than the normal ones like in hl2