Ammo Types

I have just recently reconfiged my weapons for my gamemode to use the ammo types found on the wiki (Found Here)

AR2 - Ammunition of the AR2/Pulse Rifle
AlyxGun - (name in-game "5.7mm Ammo")
Pistol - Ammunition of the 9MM Pistol 
SMG1 - Ammunition of the SMG/MP7
357 - Ammunition of the .357 Magnum
XBowBolt - Ammunition of the Crossbow
Buckshot - Ammunition of the Shotgun
RPG_Round - Ammunition of the RPG/Rocket Launcher
SMG1_Grenade - Ammunition for the SMG/MP7 grenade launcher (secondary fire)
SniperPenetratedRound - (name in-game ".45 Ammo")
Grenade - Note you must be given the grenade weapon (e.g. pl:Give ("weapon_grenade")) before you can throw any grenades
Thumper - Ammunition cannot exceed 2 (name in-game "Explosive C4 Ammo")
Gravity - (name in-game "4.6MM Ammo")
Battery - (name in-game "9MM Ammo")
CombineCannon - (name in-game ".50 Ammo")
AirboatGun - (name in-game "5.56MM Ammo")
StriderMinigun - (name in-game "7.62MM Ammo")
AR2AltFire - Ammunition of the AR2/Pulse Rifle 'combine ball' (secondary fire)

However it says that the “In Game Name” is all those titles, but when I actually was ingame it appeared as #(Name of Ammo)_Ammo
Why is this?

indicates a language placeholder. These are normally replaced by whatever the correct term for that is in your current language, as determined by the lua command language.Add or the language definition files that are loaded at startup.

If you ever see those in game it means that there is no corresponding term defined for that placeholder in the current language.

So I use Language.Add()… Thanks! Ill go fix it now.

That is also what those Language Fixer do for stuff like #worldspawn that transforms into The World, or Destiny or what ever.

Awesome! Well now I know :smiley: