Ammo Vault Heist???

Please Rate…and tell me the flaws…

Let me guess- first time? Word of the wise- add a bit of humor to your comics, or they don’t really get good reviews.

Even though there wasn’t any humor, I still thought it was really good. I did it find it funny when he found the vault because it’s so blatanly obvious that its a vault.

that was cool but keep the language clean and id give it an 8 but since you just had to swear 6.5/10
good posing too

I disagree the language was pretty mild, and the posing needs work

Humor does not make a GOOD comic a good is defined by its posing, writing, and creativity do not be missled by what sid davis said it does NOT have to be funny to be good.

The pose was right(in the first 2 pictures) then i stopped doing nice poses…
Birdy…do you think a terrorist is not going to swear???(sorry for my spelling)

By the way posing needs a little work but overall it’s good

the vualt blew foward to the bomb!? 0.o

I’m surprised the fault didn’t break apart into shrapnel. I don’t like how the blast door was not up against the wall either. Oh, and by the way, where was the security near the vault?

Overall I give it a 2/5.

Hm… too crappy. 4/10

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