An updated version has been released here.

This thread was in the wrong section anyway, so if a moderator feels like removing it, please feel free.

I had some fun playing with this. Made a small hut and started shooting at zombies for a while.


Maybe you should step it up a notch and add a menu to select what ammo you want. Once ran out of pistol ammo I had to use the crate a few times, then switch to the pistol to get more ammo for it. (since you can’t select a weapon when it hasn’t got ammo). Does this also support custom ammo types? I also can not get SMG Grenades either, same for AR2 combine balls.

You sir are epic genius! :stuck_out_tongue: but anyways i like how you made it. Instead like the normal ammocrate, it houses multiple types of ammo. I also like how if you just hold the use button, ammo automatically transfers.

Whenever you take ammo from the crate, it’ll try to make sure you have at least 1 ammo for everything so you can select those weapons. A menu might be nice, however, I have no idea how to make one. If you know of a good tutorial, I could take a look…

I didn’t know there were such things as custom ammo types. All the SWEPs I’ve ever seen have used the default HL2 ones. If someone tried to use a weapon that didn’t use HL2 ammo (but did, in fact, use ammo), they would get a little Lua error and not be able to get ammo. How do custom ammo types work? The normal types of ammo all have a number (pistol = 3, ar2 = 1, etc.)… Would the same be true for custom ones?

I know you can’t get secondary ammo types. I couldn’t think of a good way to manipulate them… Should they be like primary ammo, you store them if you have 5 or more, and take them if you have less than 4? Should it happen at the same time as you’re getting primary ammo?

What if you added LS support, so it will make more ammo when it gets energy?

Mmm… Nah. It wouldn’t fit what I was trying to do. However, assuming somebody made a LS AmmoFactory, you could store that ammo in an Ammocrate, no problem.

Sorry for the double-post, but I’ve released the next version (and in the correct forum section, this time). Get it here.