AmmoPanel - Please sir can I have some more?

AmmoPanel is a basic script that’s designed to give players a specific amount of a certain ammo that they choose.

I thought some people here might get some use out of it so without further ado, here is the download link.

Use “ammopanel” in console to open the menu.

If the derma is somehow retarded, blame my lack of skill in VGUI.

simple but useful I guess.


Ask someone else to make derma :v:

it is fine and simple shut the fuck up

Calm down dude. Its his opinion.

k i’ll just leave vgui skills at shit, sounds like a great idea :v:

does it give ammo for css guns


Screenshots would be appreciated.

Click the file, there is a screenie.

Derma’s always pretty ugly, it’s not really his fault.

EDIT: without custom .Paint functions

I’m stupid.

Also, does anyone else experiences the problem where you have to “download” the screenshot instead of open it in your browser?

I’m using Firefox, last version.

Custom Derma Skins FTW

Also, great idea! I love it, you have my download!

Overriding .Paint and making your own shit is easy.

Making it look good though, that’s the annoying part, which I have no intention of doing.

I think it looks fine, it’s simple but it works.

@OP, useful addon you’ve got my download.

Very useful. Thank you for your time.

Thanks, finally I don’t have to spawn a billion guns anymore.

Also a suggestion: add a “All Ammo” option.