Ammout of damage done to an npc_combinegunship by a prop_combine_ball

First of all. I’m not exactly sure this thread is in the right category, not sure in which it should be.

Ok, so I’m making a tiny script to make combine gunships damageable by combine balls, its a part of another huge script, anyway… Got everything done, except i have no idea how much damage it deals when it hits the gunship, since gunships can’t get damaged by c balls in gmod i have no idea how much damage it deals.

If you can change the health of the gunship, then I suppose you could change the health to 1, and then take a number up everytime, untill it stops breaking… This is would work alternatively

I’m not exactly following you. Yes, I’m changing the impacted gunships health… I Just want to know how much I should decrease. I’m trying to make it as close to the original as possible.

Say, if the ball is doing 50 Damage… Just an Example. and the gunships health is 1, then it would obviously break. Now, what I’m trying to say is. You could increase the health of the gunship by 1, 2, untill the gunship stops breaking, at this example it would be at 51, so if that was the case then the damage is 50. Thats what I was trying to explain :wink:

Or you can just print the health of the combine gunship before and after it gets hit by the combine ball.

Do they even do damage? From my experience they’re just super massive and dissintegrate flesh:raise:

They don’t do much, but they damage Striders, and I think I remember damaging a gunship with a combine ball in HL2…still takes 3 RPGs, but balls do something.

Just make the health of the gunship really high, then gauge the damage of the combine ball based on the RPG. Not hard, just print the damage done through OnNPCDamage (I think that’s the hook, check the wiki), or OnPlayerDamaged (hook to that effect, again, don’t quote me on this in your code), then just print the amount of damage the projectile did. I’d code my own, but I’m working on a lotta stuff right now.

Yeah, they are damageable by c balls, remember the battle at the end of hl2? I think it only took two hits in hl2 to take down a gunship on normal (or hard?). So I’ll just make a guess.