Amnesia Servant Grunt

(Image courtesy of Srgt. Shotup)

The Servant Grunt from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I supplied the model and textures and Shotup ported him over for your enjoyment.



A fellow Mister Man I see.


omfg yes

Mister maaaaaaaaan.

Awesome model ;D

Nasty :v:

Oh my. This is disturbing, but awesome.

I’m guessing you will be working on the Brutes and the Suitors later on?

Oh god no! Oh god no!! I can already hear the music in my head!!!

Well, its more of a distorted scream.

Lil’ ole maaaaan

We need Mr. Steel Blade-for-an-arm next.

Well the grunt I call Mr. Messed up face.

Vagineer 2.0.

Better start doing lunges away.

Struts’ dad!


Now, who here can try to make an SNPC if I supplied his animations?

Well holy shit that’s scary