Amnesia: The Dark Descent oil lamp SWEP

I had this idea after playing Amnesia:The Dark Descent Demo, an oil lamp for garrysmod!
Who doesn’t want a small brass lamp that provides a rather small amount of yellowish light?

Also, I’m thinking it should have a limited amount of oil… Ammo?.. Anyways, It should be fun to use in scary, dark maps like gm_ghosthunt.

Anyone wanna make it? If so, all credit to you for making it!

This is totally retarded, I mean don’t get me wrong if someone made it it could provide a good 20 minutes of fun but I am not going to just walk around maps with a lamp for fun

You are so useless its not funny.
That all you do? Put people down on the requests page?

Anyways I’m certain someone else out there is optimistic about this.

Use the lamp tool then asshat, or go make the model.


If you cant reply something nice don’t reply at all.

Calling me useless isn’t nice. Don’t contradict yourself. :smiley:

For the last time, please post useful things for a change.
I asked for a SWEP not some crappy adv dupe with lamp tool.
I don’t know Lua and don’t have the time to learn it.
Unless you know someone who can code, don’t bother going on this particular post.

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Can everyone just focus on my first post up there?
Lets forget the argument happened and pretend this thread is brand new.

P.S. I love the ignore list :3.

lol all t3h kewl p33pl3 use teh 1gnor3 l1st

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Yeah, so they don’t have to see awful fucking posts from users like you.

You’re calling him an asshat because you called his idea retarded, because you have a different taste of fun. Let me guess, you’re fun is just a bunch of COD, shoot stuff, run, fuck the plot, fuck anything that doesn’t require shooting anything.
Get the fuck out of here if you aren’t willing to contribute shit at all, that’s it, simply leave.

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And back ontopic:
Do you have any lamp models for possible use?

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I like the look of the L4D lamp, I’m afraid its more electric than oil.
I browsed before and found nothing, I think that SWEP creation Kit has a possibility of making something neat.

P.S. Thanks you two guys!

Ah, well, how about a viewmodel, do you need one of those? Because that will be a tricky thing to do, of course, you could just make the viewmodel the lamp model, but you just wouldn’t have any animations and hands and etc.

That’s what I meant about the SWEP Creation Kit, it helps create View models.
However, there are no hold animations for something like a lamp, strictly weapons.
I am actually quite fine with just a lamp no hand.

I’m sure just transferring a model to the players view can work out, I’ve seen it before. I’m going to sleep, but one more thing, would it be okay if there was just a light around you? Rather than coming from the lamp? Cause it’s more frustrating trying to make it match with the model, but it’s most likely possible, considering the glowsticks addon.

So is anyone going to make him the lamp yet lol

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get a lamp model and put the glow sticks in side of it

Here’s a torch weapon I made a wee while ago ( medieval torch - not those crappy electric bunch ) -

Also, if you get me a lamp model I’ll make you one. ( PM me though - can’t guarantee I’ll check this thread often )

Hmm, well see if you can make the torch have a more yellowish light and attempt to have it use ammo.
If that works then a model of a oil lamp can be accommodated.

That could be done easily, but I’m afraid I aint gonna be working on the torch again. If you find me a model I will consider it, though

Alright then, I may consider starting modeling but first Ill find a model.

I saw a model of the Oil Lantern on Toybox someone had posted! :smiley: Its strait from Amnesia. :smiley: Thought I could help. :stuck_out_tongue: