Amnesia: The Dark Descent Wine Cellar End


This map was originally made when I saw the wine cellar in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and thought “hey, I bet I could make something like that with Hammer.”. At first it was just a personal project, but I met a user name General Cornwaffle asking for exactly this kind of map on Facepunch. Although I only made a couple of rooms of the wine cellar (the ones where Wilhelm & Co. were poisoned), the emphasis is by far on qaulity over quantity, and I spent a good couple of months roughly developing it.


I wanted to provide an atmospheric and similar, gameplay-wise, experience to the original wine cellar. To this end, I came up with a few elaborate features using Hammer alone:
-a working tinderbox system. The map starts dark, so you have to find them yourself, but the tinderboxes themselves do glow so you can find at least one more easily right away.
-a similar (but somewhat difficult to use) interaction system to the original game with you being able to partially open/close chests, drawers and closets.
-music from Amnesia itself is packed into the map file. This is legal under fair use policy as I am not making money out of this map.
-detail painstakingly copied from many reference screenshots and a video, right down to almost the individual blood (or wine?) stains.

Again, the emphasis was on involving as much detail as possible, and I believe the experience is very similar to the original game. I Would probably never have finished this map if I hadn’t had more incentive thanks to General Cornwaffle, so props to him.

Q: “Why did you only make two rooms?!”
A: This map was only really intended as a proof of concept and isn’t really for building. Furthermore, the amount of reference material I have is limited. However, if this gets a decent amount of interest I may make more of the wine cellar and perhaps expand my horizons to making more of the areas in the castle.