Amnesia: Trials (Take over?)


I could take over it, I mean I don’t have any major accomplishments with LUA, but I know how to use it.

I guess I might be able to do this, How much do you have done?

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You can add me on steam if you want to talk

-Players can fix generators
-Players can get a downed player back up
-Players can be downed
-players can be hooked
-players can be saved from hook
-killer can down players
-killer can hook players

-there is a variable for what monster they spawn with
-there is a variable for what survivor they spawn with
-hook slowly ‘kills’ player till ‘decay’ time hits 0, then they die and burst into flames
-unhooking increases what stage they are in next time they are hooked

-mainly needs a UI

-Stage setup
-Wait (Wait for players)
-Prep (Make sure everyone is fully connected, in case of fresh spawn not getting info)
-Pre (select killer/survivor)
-active (ya…)
-post (results and map switch)

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Found someone to take over now,

Is this a Dead by Daylight clone?

This is very much a Dead by Daylight clone. Not sure if Amnesia is the best name for it.

offtopic but I love to see your avatar blink everytime :v like wherever u comment I stop and watch he/she blink