Among the nature and concrete

No bloom setting, just in-map lighting.


holy fuck, this is a great scene build/map, i cant tell the difference, but man is it sexy.
if it is a map, do you have a link?


the tilted lens flares look a bit weird tho

Actually, It’s not scenebuild at all. Just background map from HL2 mod and various foliage props.
Here’s “Water” Hl2 mod, I created addon folder and put in all materials. Really good looking maps.

oh the one with the Downs mermaid

holy tits I like it

I’ll say it again - the HLSS team has made some amazing mods in the past, but they seriously need to work on their modelling.

Anyways, it’s a great scenebuild, but I do feel as though the lighting and AA on the foilage detracts from the overall scene.