Amongst The Rubble

Recent pose made in Garry’s Mod, on an old CS:S map. Desert Atrocity, I believe.

C&C appreciated.

This is just an awesome concept, but it would greatly benefit from some more appropriate lighting and atmospheric edits such as smoke, floating debris, etc.

Geez, looks like this place got shelled one to many times; excellent work!

It would largely benefit from better lighting, a better angle, and what mcharest said. Nice try otherwise.

Any idea how I could actually do those things, inside Garry’s Mod? My Photoshop skills are basically nonexistent. The lighting I can handle with lamps and everything.

You should use more lamps, maybe the fog/sun editors ingame and the existing post processing effects. I think if you sit around and experiment for a while, you’ll find a configuration that fits nicely.