Amored Dune *My First Good Contraption*

[release] HELLO! I am not new to Garrysmod, but I never was able to get a contraption done. Here is what i think my first contraption is. ENJOY![/release]

[release] Thank you for your time. And please rate and comment. And if you want a release I will give you one.
Oh Yeah, I also want to thank «ƒ»Statua Aliquis for wiring the GCX guns. And much more.[/release]

[release]Hey GUYS. I have just had enough time to edit the dune. I hope it is better than before.[/release]

[release]The seats are invisible because for a good view while in the eat they have to be really low. So they are invisible. Enjoy. And please comment and vote on the newer version if you haven’t voted.[/release]

[release]Hello, I got vid up on the car.[/release]

It’s boxy and boring. It’s not a good contraption.

Saw that on the server. It’s not bad. Could use some improvements though.

Lol. I remember you Gunski. Thank You.

For being a first contraption it’s really good but for being a good contraption it misses a lot of details and proportions are off.

The seats are half way trough the floor too


Fill in gaps and make the seats actually fit in it and making your own engine out of props instead of using an engine model makes it more original :]

I actually quite like it, … apart from the turret.

My numbr 1 way 2 spot a n00b is that they must stick a turret ON EVERYTHING

The original was with out the turret. FYI. XD

Will do. I will probably fix the changes. About the seats, its like that because of the view. But I will fix it. :slight_smile:

Beats my first contraption to a pulp. (a pathetic hoverball chopper)

The turret kinda kills it though. I like the clean one!

Gonna fix it.

Please add more detail

The shape is alright but it looks like it isn’t finished yet. Spend more time on details and clean up the holes. (and delete the turret version).

not bad at all for a first contraption

Change material and make the ropes and elastics invisible. Instead make a fake suspension of props, The tf2 props have 2 good springs you could use.

It’s ok. I’d say that it probably works well, but just isn’t entertaining to the eyes. I lol’d at the poll.

Oh hey Brah, this was looking good being built but you should of put more time and effort to putting more detail into it.

First GOOD contraption=/= first contraption, nobody ever understands that…

Looks cool. I like the front

It’s good for a first contraption. No interior though, when you can plainly see inside it. and no ugly cannons on top, Please =p

read above.

Why must people not understand what first GOOD contraption means? Rated all bad readers.


I place weaponry on everything that I make, it doesn’t make me a noob. The turret on this thing does look pretty out of place, though.