Amout of resources reduced?

After the last update for the public servers you rarely find stones and wood…

Is there something wrong with our server settings?
Is this on every server?
Is there a way to edit the amount of resources?

If it’s supposed to be like this, why?

Nothing is wrong with the server settings, it is just more players play and the map itself was never really full of resources to begin with. You’re best bet is in hacker valley.

Yes it is.

No there isn’t at the moment since he doesn’t off server files to owners of a server, only the hoster.

I can’t answer this, it’s a bit rediculous at the moment. I kinda feel like if they increased the resource node count, noobs wouldn’t be so butt hurt about losing things since they could easily just go out and get more and be fine with it.

tl:dr (wasnt even long): Increase resource nodes to compensate playerbase growth.

Well before the update you could run up and down hacker valley and the resources respawned after 5 minutes and there were so many resources.

Now after the update hacker valley is nearly emtpy and there is noone else then us so we should see if the resources respawn…

Noobs wouldn’t be so butt hurt?
Before the update you could gather enough wood to build your little base but still get raidet because you couldn’t build it secure enough.

Now you get so little wood that after 30 minutes of farming you can build 9 foundations and a few walls. That’s so insecure that you have no chance at all to protect your loot.

If this is how it will stay for ever. I don’t see a future for newcomers.

Hate it… i walk 5min to see 1 stone or wood? -.-" …
no comment.

Yeah hacker Valley is as empty as everywhere else, but there’s nothing in the patch notes about it? Either way it needs changing, so they made bullets harder to get which means bases harder to defend, they made resources sparse so it’s hard to build a secure base, which makes the c4 from air drops probably 4 times as dangerous as they were.

Surely they realize the resource node problem and have a quick fix for it. Helk is usually good about keeping us updated on updates and they seem to have a nice grasp on what needs fixing.

I REALLY hope resource nodes increase is high on the list.

If that was so planned, then I will probably no longer play the game.
I dont farm 2h ores or wood for a house that i build earlier in 15min.

It gives the new players a chance I guess.

We don’t even know if this is a bug or of they were serious about keeping it this way.

more resource pls or deinstall rust

Uninstall rust

It needs increasing, most people just sitting around for half hour waiting for spawns lol

Doesn’t this less resource thing actually add value to guns? now its not just a cause of grinding a few stone nodes and crafting a gun?

But it gets to hard for you to safe your stuff.
Surviving gets to hard for the newcomers.

I wouldn’t mind some metal/sulfur rock nodes be cut down a tad for more wood nodes.

Andier [GER] here, ty for posting the tinyurl link!

We need more Minerals (Rocks etc.). Wood is here enough.

Get up around 100 people on a server and the resources are simply over farmed. The larger map they are working on should fix this…

That’s not it.
Before the update we had enough resources for everyone even with 120 people playing.

Now after the update with only 61 players you rarely find any.

Please bring a update… -.-"

Since going to steam, number of online users growed rly hard.
And since resources were always scarce, so when 120ppl go for some material,
it is normal that you cant find anything.

  • You have hight chance to die if you are not superior in equip, couse battles
    for resources became almost as for airdrop in days of browser plays.