Amoveo Pondera Teaser

Right, this is a teaser of a machinima I’m working on.


Holy shit dude, that looks really fucking cool. The only thing I didn’t really like were the titles, they just felt a little strange. In the end, you could tell you filmed it in the back room of gm_construct. It also looked kind of weird when the base exploded and no peices fell off and stuff, but it was AWESOME cuz I wasn’t expecting fuckin’ aliens to fly out and shit, goddamn, fucking Awesome.

Did you just use the particle maker for the teleportation part of the explosion?

yeah, that hunter part was a quick sketch, I was like screw it. I didn’t edit.

[del]and I think that’s the one. [/del]

I used info_particle_controller

We’ll get to work on the actual first episode soon, we have to finish up another machinima series

That nuke blast was just meh. It was a good idea, delivered badly. I’d tend to stray from epic, wide angle shots of nukes, because unless the environment reacts realistically with the blast (aka trees bending and such), it looks kind of amateur-ish. But, if you work with camera angles and make it a bit more implied that the place blew up, it would be much better.

The nuke shot could of been better, but I wanted to get the whole blast in, I’d ofused Demo smoother to get a better angle but the blasted thing didn’t work… and the trees bending etc. was impossible on that map, they weren’t movable

Well I’m not saying you need to make the trees bendable, I’m just saying maybe you could have used a different shot or incorporated some sort of visual effect to make it look as if there was actual destruction. Maybe have the camera switch to like a security camera outside and when the nuke hits it goes to static

You guys have to admit, the fusion-looking explosion looked fucking cool.

Looks pretty promising

They didn’t have security cameras in WW2…

But I get what you mean, I’ll take it into consideration for the first episode


Thanks lads

Combine in WWII? Epic, can’t wait to see this.

yeah, I’m debating in my mind whether to include combine soldiers, if I do, I HAVE to show humans getting captured, possibly make up some transformation process… and it can’t happen for a few episodes… I’ll probably leave out the soldiers…

You could use some Xen slaves for soldiers, possibly.

the current plan is:

enslaved vorts.

Antlions, barnicles, headcrabs and other xen creatures will be in it too