Amraam launcher wiring help

I saw a weapon on the show Future Weapons that cought my interest. Its a large box that is planted out in the field and is remotly operated. It has 9 canisters (8 missile launchers and 1 computer case). The launcher fires gps guided missiles controlled either by the unit itself or by remote via satalite uplink.

So far so good, I’ve made the entire device using Amraam tubes for launchers and a computer case using PHX’s prop amraam tube. Its in that tube that I’ll load all wire gates and controlers. I have the target finder and beacon sensor set up and they work. The missiles have been givin their XYZ coords from the sensor, but I want them to launch one after the other in 5 second intervals, not all at once. Also, once the target is distroyed I want the launcher to stop firing Amraams.

As well as knowing how to wire the launcher to accomplish sequencial firing I also have another request; the explosion effect for the Amraam is extremely processor unfriendly. How can I tone down the effect generated by the Amraam? Is there a line of lua code I replace? if so, what and with what?

Well, there’s an addon of an amraam entity with simple wiring here

erm… thats the one I’m using. The effects are a pain to process. What my issue is (that I think I have figured out) is making 8 of them fire one after another based on a timer and all using the same target. And if only 3 fire before the target is distroyed then it will not fire the rest of the missiles. Although sadly the Amraam lacks Adv. dupe. support. So now that I’ve finished it I have to rewire the whole thing every time I make a new one. So much for my ultimate base defence in multiplayer ><

So now my main problem is the overwealming effects generated by the Amraam’s explosion. I much prefer the older Amraams explosion, but the missile itself sucks, making hairpin turns like a Tron bike. Love the missile for the new version, hate the effects