Amsel and Richtofen in dah kubelwagen.


Also Danke Uberslug for the edit. <3



Lolbonus. Bloo’s evil twin.

The textures on those guys suck.

The textures do suck indeed. Damn low-res Natseez. Why are there like 2 threads of Nazi’s killing Americans?

Yeah I don’t know, usually there are more.

Haha, lol. Also, Billy Mays is dominating this thread.

i’m jealous i want those models and their not in the release section :confused:

Cause they’re not released :v:

Also yeah texture. It looks so…‘dry’… lol. :downs:

They aren’t finished yet.

i’m not stupid. not in the release section=no release

I knew that. bloo let’s you test them.

Lets me…right…of course he does…
… c: