Amsterdam 1 [Tt] clan Korean jumphackers!

Hello Admins and Dev’s!

Lately there has been a lot of flaming on the Amsterdam 1 server about Koreans playing on it and that they’re hacking . In fact some of the players from this [Tt] clan have been banned already on the server.
I didn’t really buy the fact that they were cheating until overnight a player from their clan had actually jumped on our 5 story base, which has 3 layers of stone walls outside and cupboards all around so no raid towers were possible (they hadn’t even bothered to build one, to make it believable). They had blown their way in from the 5th floor down and raided us. I’m certain there was no way to jump up without hacking, I’m not talking out of my ass here.
I can’t tell which one exaclty was it, because their profiles and names look the same (the symbols show up as squares for me).

But here are all of their profiles:

Thank you, if you look into this, theese guys really take the fun out of playing, when you get raided like this, it just makes you instantly wait for the next wipe and give up until something gets fixed.

Amsterdam/Frankfurt servers are full with Koreans. CC, MM, TT just a small range of their clan tags.

Yeah, I figured so. I’m just spreading the word, that something should be done about the jumphackers and the people in their clans. They should atleast get a server ban

Hey s00ul,
Those guys were before in London III server, its (M) clan you can check it in their profiles in recent names pressing the arrow next to their names.
Those guys have 6-7 clan members using hacks and have already been banned several times by EAC or manually by the devs. Problem is they keep coming back with other accounts.
They used to make it unplayable to play at their server and I would recommend you change from the server you are now until the devs do something about it.
Holmzy or Buck Sexingston should definetely ban the whole clan from the game, that way they would probably stop being so abusive with the hacks.
They usually work 50% of the team without hacks and with normal legit accounts and 50% of the team with hacking accounts which carry the others in PVP and raiding.
There is even a stream from one of them which nicknames himself as being a pro player of Rust (when he is just getting carried by team hackers with aim assistance, ESP and jumphacking)
You can check the stream here (dont want to do advertising devs, just want you to check this and see if it seems near legit)

Edit: I think this is the guy from the stream and should be the first one getting banned

Yeah, cba to rebuild again, just gonna wait out until they fix something. Wasted too much time on Rust. Thanks for the stream link though, that is just perfect

Yeah we just had the same problem, its the TT clan. It might be that they are boosting each other on the roof. But i must admit its a bit weird for a 5 story high base

You can’t boost someone over 3 layers of stone walls and metal barricades

I agree! They destroys the server with hacks and lags! North Korean people are here to destroy western morale!