amsterdam III information pls !

We have been playing at server amsterdam III with my friends. After wipe finished. We build again a big house and big walls. We worked all day and night for new base. But then another update came out and most of our building disappeared. There was flying sleeping bags and walls without house. we waited for a fix for that situation but since then there it has not fixed. at this bugged situation there are area block tool cupboards and there are invisible and thus making that are unbuildable. This server need another wipe to fix all of this bugs. Please fix Amsterdam 3 server and we will start at a clean page without bugs.
After update came out and building disappeared, nobody made a announcement about bugs and seems like you aren’t informed about bugs. Please tell us are there any wipe soon or you will leave the server without fixed.
edit: more absurd things; free spawns took my stuffs and killed me because i was sleeping in my home but my home is gone so they just came with rock and they have rocket launcher now =) all players was sleeping without home, free loot it’s not fair !

amsterdam 3 crashed again o.O we need information why no body care the offical servers ? how we can play like this ? and no information anywhere …

Yeah, totally unplayable now

A while ago on another server a hacker/cheater/whatever increased the decayrate and everything collapsed, maybe that’s what happened. Don’t expect a rollback on official server.

I really recommend you to leave official servers.