AMT (Advanced Material Tool)

Okey, this is second version my tool with fixed valve textures.

What is that:
Material tool with access to all valve textures. For builders :3

> Material browser.
> Preview mode.
> Favorites tab.
> Setting frame.
> Copy texture path to console/clipboard.
> Quick set (in browser - click on texture - set texture for aim entity)
> Fix for valve textures.

> Save last location for tab.

amt_browserpos		1/0

Show item tooltips.

amt_tooltip		1/0

Enable preview frame.

amt_preview		1/0

Set material by left click.

amt_preview		1/0



> SVN - login/pass - guest/guest (~6 mb)
> DropBox - (~2 mb)
> DropBox - - just tool less fixed textures (~166kb)
> - fail -_-

Zlodey,grinchfox - ideas
Python1320 - help and ideas :3

First! Sorry… I had to.
Anyway, this is really awesome. Gj on the menus.

I see you packaging a whole bunch of vmt files that have VertexlitGeneric shaders, howcome?

Special generate script. Because shader "LightMapperGeneric not supported vertex (models).

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And method Entity:SetMaterial() not use virtual materials (CreateMaterial). Yes i know - it is bullshit, but i no see any more ways…

ohh, I see, that’s a shame.

shame? maybe, but i no see any more ways really … =/

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i will think, and maybe i will find most better solution. =/

Needs a clientside menu for material_override instead so you can use it on servers without the tool

Hey so uhm, this amazing, and needs to be on my server.

that is all.

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to clarify, this does work on servers, right?

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as in, do they need it installed clientside to use it?

After 117 gmod update, i will write new version and find better solution for access to all valve textures.

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Tool - for server and client. Textures - only for client.

I make special table with structure original vmt = new vmt - it is better solution, because players without fixed textures no get epic spam in console.

not bad

I will say big thanks Garry, if he will do fix for Entity:SetMaterial :3

You should try adding a search feature into this.

good good idea!

Sure :smiley:

Menu looks really nice

New context menu :3

is there any way to make a function to scale the material? as in, sometimes when you apply a texture to say a flat square prop it repeats itself all over the place
being able to set the texture’s scale would be awesome

That depends on the texture size, nothing he can do about it.
By the way, check the post dates.