Amy wants to help!
“Oops, Tails somehow was knocked out. Need a partner, Sonic? :heart:
“God dammit, Amy…”

Make your own captions, I suck.

I lol’ed at Sonic facepalming.


Poor tails. He was just there, helping Sonic… :frown:

Besides Amy floating, any comments on my posing skills?

I don’t know how to give critique to Sonic Ragdolls since nobody uses them.

Madmanmad uses them :v:

But I feel the same as CabooseRvB, I have never used those ragdolls so I dont know if they are a bitch to pose or easy, and the angle of the picture leaves too much wasted space and doesnt focuses on the pose.

They’re a bitch to work on. And since this Forum usually perceives Anime as sacrilege, I never used them.

But Sonic is not anime… Sonic is awesome.
(Altho ALOT of Fpers see Sonic as furry shit)

Huh. I’m surprised Madmanmad hasn’t arrived yet. I thought for sure the thread title would have reeled him in by now.
Anyways it’s pretty bad, to be honest. Bland and Amy is floating.

I feel so nostalgic looking at this pic.

Here ya go, guys.

The poseing is ok, nothing special though.

Brings back memorys of the good old days.

Sorry i’m late, you know how traffic is.

Tails will need an ice pack and some aspirin after resorting to calling Amy a “Fat Cow”

where i can get SEGA logo? :smiley:

You bumped a thread from feb 2010…

PM the thread creator or go to the models section instead next time.

for fuck sake

Fuck anti aliasing!

so you registered and all you do is pointlessly bump ancient threads?