an admin gave me a 1 day ban for using a smiley


I don’t see how this deserves a thread, but I’ll comment as if I didn’t care about that;

Sounds like it’s more than semi-serious, though, my judgement is probably off; I got permabanned from TnB for taking a shit in a bin and then throwing it at the admin, simply using /me or whatever it was.


That’s a shame.

This is Facepunch, not the Faggotry Gaming forums.

God I hate tnb server.


(User was banned for this post ("Meme" - Benji))

This doesn’t deserve a thread, and you’re very likely to get sarcastic responses. We don’t care that you got banned from a server. We don’t care who it was or what server it was on. I’m not trying to flame, but as a friendly warning, do not use shit like “lol” or “XD” or so on here, most of the members don’t like it.

Example in point. It also helps here if you use proper grammar and spelling.

For an actual on-topic response, it’s just a day, go outside and hang out with friends or something.

Oh it’s ** that ** meme again

If you knew that you were going to be unbanned, why make a thread?

You deserved it

PLAZMACHARGe makes another stupid thread and responds stupidly to the posts in it.

You should know using smiles IC is not tolerated :confused:

oh gee back tomaro    Great... just great

This thread is a Fib. OP lied. He’s 12. What else to expect?

Lol Irony.

Dont use smileys, xD, orly, lol .


We’ll get right onto disabling his account for you sir

ipredator for poster of the year