an admin gave me a 1 day ban for using a smiley

What a shame

Yeah really.
Either post to the standards of us or leave.

ventmobs admins is like 9 year olds with a pen in their nose

So you got banned for using a smiley on a roleplaying server? Sounds like you should’ve read the rules better. The fact that you were even the mayor amazes me.

The VentMob servers suck, you can’t do anything, and all the CP’s abuse their powers.

I wish Facepunch would also ban for text emotes.

At least for posts that contain nothing but emotes.

Ontopic: Why does this need a thread?

Offtopic: Why are they called smileys? Does this look like a smile to you? >:O

Admins suck :butt:

yes and admins should never exist

A terrible thread in the gmod section and he gets banned for a meme?
I’m disappointed benji,

They’re emotional icons.

Emoticons :eng101:

The word is portmanteau of the words emotion (Or possibly emote) and icon.

exactly what i did


wow what are you royalty? stop looking down on people you peice of shit


but that would be a pathetic reason

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - grea$emonkey))

Don’t worry guys, he might realize he’s being immature and and change his ways and maybe even ap-


I really don’t see what’s so unusual.

though love :slight_smile:

They just provide you with a Facepunch experience.