An Admin Opportunity

Dear Rust Crew,

I have a solution for the issues with hackers. Hire/employ admins. I volunteer my assistance. I have no experience working in the IT field, but I have been a gamer for years and am naturally computer savvy. I am 23 years old and have my Bachelors in Professional Accounting from an accredited public university in my city. I work 60 hours a week, but still play Rust every day. I have been raided four times since the server restart, the last two were by hackers. They broke into every wall perfectly in all of our houses to get loot. They even broke in L shaped lines through our 11x11x5 building perfectly into our loot rooms. They blew all the floors of each one of our 6 rooms and they entered from the second floor without building privilege over water, the only floor with a walk way. They knew exactly how to blow it down. Any room without a chest was untouched. Maybe they were lucky. But the players that I see flying around the server make me instantly assume. Also the fact that our tower 11 stories high with one window, five stories up, was broken into and looted from without doors being broken was a key sign; however, don’t you worry, for I have a solution.

I offer my services to become an admin of the Seattle server. Financially, this is a sound decision and opportunity for you and the players of Rust. With me being a test subject for future admins, I would show you the advantages to having an admin playing even if it was only monitoring the server. Today, you lost respect and happiness from a clan of 12 people because of our base being destroyed yeah, some of us will be back on immediately. But I know that some of my clan will not be playing anymore. So what you have lost there is the free marketing opportunity presented by them telling their friends about this game. You want to know what that is worth? $30*X post-tax. X being the online friends or RL friends that player games with. I have earned Rust 90 dollars minimum by talking it up to friends, I was told about this game by friends and we told other people to play it. All and all, this game earned about 180-240 dollars exclusively off of local friends telling it to each other. That’s money you have earned and will keep. But what happens when players die by hackers? They quit. If they were new, they stop playing and never advertise to their friends. Sure, you just earned $30. But you had the opportunity of earning so much more. Everyone has friends, they are potential customers. To grow your client-base, yet by losing players in a negative way, they will actually now begin to put down Rust. They will tell friends to not,invest solely based on the fact that so many players cheat, they will draw conclusions to it being unfinished and they may never come back. By losing that player, less players are on the server and that can cause less fun for future players buying the game. So happiness is dwindling with each player leaving, advertising is decreasing and the solution is to ban hackers. So let me explain how I am here to help you.

I will be on everyday for hours and will dedicate 30 minutes of my time each day to a dedicated Twitter feed that specifically is meant to receive feed from players of the Seattle server. I will log on and check the feed, i will weed through the tweets and choose the comments with video evidence, I will pull the players accounts and profiles, as well as be on at various times to suspend players and place them to your viewing so that I will not be in control by banning, just suspending and keeping an immediate eye on the server. We already have the Rust hack report twitter feed and I would just be a sub-admin of this page ready to forward legitimate claims toward him. By doing this, this feature would actually earn Rust money, the hackers will come back and that is another 30 dollars. The faster you ban them, the less likely they will hack, the happier players would be, the more money you will make, and the fewer false claims you would have to deal with. So my question to you would be, why not use my volunteer assistance? Put me on a probationary period to earn my role, and in the future, once you have seen my worth and ethics, you can give me more power to further assist this game in what it needs to fully succeed. I am here for Rust and it’s creative community. Give me an opportunity to assist you in an issue that is being highly neglected at this crucial time.

Thank you for your time,