An Advanced Rope Tool

Someone really needs to make an advanced rope tool where:
Rope can be duped
Rope can collide
Rope can be cut
Rope can be climbed
Rope can be added to players.

I’m wondering why no ones done it yet.

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Because Valve never intended ropes to do that in HL2 so we have nothing to make a collidable rope with. To make a rope like that you would need a lot of dynamic Collision modeling, and nobody will invest that much time into something so useless.

I don’t know what the challenges are in roping players, but that’s probably the closest to being doable.

As for the others, collision detection with ropes is a no-go, as powersurge mentioned.

Rope can be duped
-I’m pretty sure this already exists…

Rope can collide
-As mentioned above, not possible with the Source Engine, it’s just not built for it.

Rope can be cut
-Might be possible, though slightly messy.

Rope can be climbed
-Fairly possible, with some coding creativity.

Rope can be added to players.
-Possible, but risky. Making constraints on the player of any kind tends to crash the engine, that’s why things like the Player Weld tools use a faked constraint system.

Thanks, Sorry for my ignorence I’m not a coder.

It’s alright. The ones I listed as possible could actually probably done in just a couple “Rope Expansion” scripts, a new tool isn’t even really necessary. I’d start working on them but I haven’t the time right now.

One thing that I recall reading about a year or 2 ago was someone working on prop-based rope. It was basically a bunch of small rope models constrained together.

As imperfect as the physics of it may be, I think that idea still has a lot of potential. It’s the only way I can see all of these goals being achieved.

Though it would use a horrible amount of resources on all of the physics calculations, I’m sure.

Ropes can be cut while they are taut, that would be simple. Since a rope is drawn as a straight line (more or less) between two points while taut, all you’d have to do is check to see where a line intersects the “cut” plane, get the distance between the cutter and that intersection point, if they’re okay then divide the rope into two halves by getting rid of the old rope and creating two new ones, each rope will be attached to one of the original endpoints at one end, and will both be attached to invisible physics objects created near the cut location (so the rope will appear to “dangle”).

As for cutting a rope when it isn’t taut? Pretty much impossible with the current access gmod has to the game. Unless you can somehow retrieve or reproduce where the rope segments on a rope are drawn at a given time, then get that and apply the same check to each individual rope segment, you’re pretty much screwed there. Taut ropes are the way to go.

What theJ89 said about taut ropes applies to climbing too, it’d be reasonably simple if the rope was taught but not so much otherwise.

Climable ropes already exist, so do colliding ropes, I don’t know why you would want to cut a rope unless you mean like sever it which would be possible using the colliding rope, and I’m pretty sure ropes could be added to players if you just remade the rope tool and removed the part that checks if it’s a player.

I don’t know where the colliding one is but its much like how Metanoia described it and as he said it would be very costly to resources.

The source engine really needs a big huge update. Like I’m talking about everything. Graphics, psychics, particles, AI (eh, more or less) Ragdolling (Euphoria anyone?)

Imagine free flowing water walls that any shape could be cut out of!
If only… :frowning:

I don’t know if the hardware is there yet. In a few years, particles & cloth physics will make current engines look ancient.

We’re already on the verge of dynamic cloth on Garry’s Mod, Thanks to either Fozor or… that other guy.

Euphoria is not an engine.
Euphoria is a team of developers that you pay a fuckton of money to come over to your place and integrate stuff into your code. They’re like a physics helpdesk.

For the other ones, we all wait patiently for EP3.

Euphoria is a dynamic motion synthesis engine created by NaturalMotion.

Well, yes, but it’s not a finished framework. It has to be hardwired into each new engine for it to work.