An advanced zombie SNPC

I want to apologise if this has already been made, i haven’t been very active lately and i don’t know what’s out there.

I used to love making zombie forts in my early GMOD years until i basically figured out what zombies can or can’t do:

-They can’t see you from afar.
-They do not hear anything.
-Any prop is going to stop them from reaching you.

I like the slow zombie concept but most of the time it’s jsut too damn easy to block them, so i’m requesting some kind of “improved” zombie:

-Attracted by gunshots and/or other tell tale hints of human presence.
-Allow them to see from a little further away.
-Allow one zombie to “pass” his target to an idle zombie, some sort of communication where one zombie will alert other zombies.
-Allow zombies to use/break doors, there is no reason a zombie couldn’t enter a building simply because there is a door in the way.
-Allow zombies to detect players through glass, and even smash said glass.
-Allow zombies to damage/unweld medium sized props so they can break down (slowly) a barricade.
-Allow zombies to climb a little, a zombie shouldn’t be stopped by a car in the way, it should be able to crawl over it.

THis would be a nice step up from the average HL2 zombie and would probably make fort building more interesting.

This seems…Complicated…

Your a dreamer.

Your an idiot for thinking that. This is a creative idea, an * improvement * Personally I would do it if I were not so busy.

Frankly I would be happy even with half of those stuffs, it’s just that the current HL2 zombies are so … stupid, they where made for a completely different environment than gmod. I used to dabble in lua but i haven’t the faintest idea on how to “steer” a bit an npc :slight_smile:

good idea mate, but the Classic Zombie’s Animations would have to have the Fast Zombies Anims compiled (hence the part where you said the Zombie should climb over the car)

This seems like it would be a pain to make. It’s a great concept for zombies though.

this is pretty easy to make, I might look into it.