An African-American individual with an afro

This thread is now a political correctness safe-haven.

Enhanced_AI wanted it from Grand Theft Auto Four: Episodes from Liberty City: The Ballad of Gay Tony so I got him it and did it in like 3 hours or something

Pictures courtesy of ME

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PS happy valentines day enjoy

This is the best fucking ragdoll I’ve ever seen.

Needs more 70’s suit though.

His tie is ragdolled, if I remember correctly.

Reminds me of Saul Williams.

I think you meant “Happy Fool’s day”. :smiley:
Just kidding,nice job.

It’s hard to find ragdoll like this.
Nice job :smiley:

he needs product because that afro is lacking

English, motherfucker.

It looks like a halfro. (Front&Back)

Otherwise good model dean.

Why do I remember this from a certain request thread?

His hands look awful…
And his body is pretty thick.
But it will look cool, if You put more work into it (but You did, of curse, by porting).
Also, it looks like Jules from “Pulp Fiction”, a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Whaddya expect when it’s ported from a third person role playing and shooter game?
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Do you speak it?

Damn, that was a wicked quote. Needs to be a meme.

ELFC, and GTA IV, are not Third Person Shooters.

Yes, but considering there are guns in the game and it is played from a third person P.O.V, it can at least be classified as being close to one. I’ll reterm it as a third person role playing and shooter game.

I increased the texture size twice their original size. It was actually a very crappy model and it still is.

Hack on some new hands

Yeah, hack some hands on. I’d recommend Bloo’s enchanced citizens.

This made me realise that there are almost nobody models black people. Weird.

i lol’d

Not really.
There’s still more black models than there are asians.