An alien blasting The Lone Wanderer


Lone wanderer looks odd when he’s being Blasted, Should be a little bit more limp and trying to run?

Maybe he isn’t trying to run and is in shock.
Good effects though.

The head is gonna asplode.
But as I already said, nice pose and edit.

Also bloo is nuts after the model :v:

Lol, thanks guys

I could use that laser gun…


I wish I could have the alien model…

is this a private model showoff or is this going to be released?

It’s probably S-Low’s


Yep it is

I never ran around in my vault 101 jump suit I always stole the security team armor

Needs more disintegration

Very nice, but you could work more on the laser effect… add a bit of white, some glow, etc.

will do, also Merry Christmas

Head gonna explode?



In HQ, no less.