An alien jumps at a predator in a river

Original :

Cloak reference

I think the cloak actually turned out ok, although the water… I can’t seem to get right.

Previous (Predator ambushing Marines head on)

Yeah, the splashes seem kinda off. Still, I don’t think I could’ve done it half as well.

You forgot to press render.

As said; splashes aren’t too great, but everythin else looks nice.

Pretty nice water effects but the lack of variation in the motion-blur makes it look pretty unrealistic. Also, the splash on the right has droplets blurred in an upwards direction, but they are below the point where the predator meets the water… which doesn’t make any sense. The camera angle isn’t great because the alien is mostly cut off and there’s plenty of wasted space in the middle… I’m really not sure why you cropped off most of the alien (I guess the posing of the legs is a little stiff, but it could have been covered up by the splashes anyway). You probably should have just used in-game super-depth-of-field because what you’ve edited in looks odd.

Other than that, nice posing and I’m loving the disrupted cloak effect - that’s original and well edited.

=D I cropped off most of the alien because the model is just too darn ugly

Nice work on the cloaking fuzz. Posing is good too, have a pallet.

Is that simple DoF? Because if it is, you should fucking know better Bullet.


Simple DoF looks like poop. Super DoF is what everybody should use.

This is really good, captures the Predator and Alien alot better then your last picture, and you did a good job on the Cloak effect.

Where are you getting these models D: There so awesome!!!

Hooray for cheesy 80s to 90s hand painted effects :v:

Pretty nice apart from what chesty mentioned.

I have never actually used it before… Guess i should start

Very well mimicked short circuiting suit.

Really nice cloak effect. Your AVP pictures rock dude.

Splashes are kinda wierd looking, but I really like the cloaking reference.

Yeah, splashes are a bit off. If you look at the predator’s it’s actually in front of him, it should be surrounding him.

Cool! I love it!