An alien musician busking in the street +bonus

Another Sci-fi life installment.

Wanted to go for a Bagpipe/bong look.

** Bonus: **
This one’s in the ‘edit my screenshot section’, so feel free to do so.

I’m liking these space related pictures.

Jeez! I want a toke from that Bong & some of that Space Weed! :buddy:
Arty’d Cuz it’s cool!

Thats quite an insteresting instrument, nicely done :slight_smile:

I’m liking the junk instrument.

Thanks for the comments.

Dat Alien Model?

Looks lonely.

I don’t like the random darkening around the edge of the picture.

Other than that, nice posing and camera angle. The idea is incredible, although I feel it is almost too original because if it wasn’t for the title, I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. Keep up the good work though - gotta love these alien society poses.

I feel sorry for the poor creature.