An Alien Sniper Examines the New HV Longbow Rifle

Just model testing since I got Gmod fixed from when I fucked it up trying to get Left 4 Dead maps working (Don’t remind me again, I feel fucking stupid now…). Along with model testing I am also brainstorming, sorta.

I am sorry, Saren’s model is not up for public release (yet…maybe) but the rifle can be found on

Not meant to be anything special, but whatever.

If you’re anticipating some Vortigaunt related pictures and stories (:buddy:) let me finish some of my homework and I shall pose it and post it.

Note: ‘HV’ stands for High Velocity.

:argh: You always get the cool stuff

Huh, I just noticed that the rifle looks an awful lot like D9 weapons…

Just as Saren kinda looks like a prawn (but only kinda)

An awful coincidence Striker89 and I fell upon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, I’ve had a lot more empty promises than ‘cool stuff’ really.

cringe I-I’m gonna fucking kill you if you don’t release that model soon…

As ben stated, it is not out to the public.

Though I am curious as to the link to that fancy gun. I could not locate it on

Woow thats one sweet model, I hope it gets released some day ^^

Nice simple pose too mate.

^ try “railgun”


@ tus

You have to go into SWEPs and find ‘Ultra Rail Gun’ then there’s a link in there to the world model. But seeing as I linked it, that statement is useless. :confused:

Now, comments, questions, concerns on picture?

Awesome, Saren looks ace!

Nice model.

Nice posing, kinda reminds me of the Heavy’s taunt.

In Saren’s voice “We make good team!”


Private models make me RAGE!
However, I won’t take my RAGE! out on you. Good picture, make more.


Picture’s not bad, simple though. Nice model.

Updated OP with a picture I thought wasn’t worth it’s own thread.

I love it :slight_smile:
Those two go straight together.


Though Ultra’s railgun is a tad too clean :stuck_out_tongue:

I did say ‘New’ :v: