"An Amazing Object"

I haven’t played Garry’s Mod for many months. Started up Gmod yesterday and posed today.
The concept is that the world has taken a dramatic change towards the worst - a natural apocalypse. Wiping away the majority of population and humans fighting against one another to survive.
This lone survivor stumbles upon An Amazing Object while supporting his hand on the AK. Everything has overgrown and full of human-left waste.

really wish there was more focus on what that amazing object is because from what i can see is its some guys butt being brightly lit while the actual object is obscured by a blurred out ak47

So what does this object do?

Also gotta agree with butthurter, wish the pic would put the object at the center of composition

I guess next time I’ll draw a red circle over the object :v: No but in all honesty, thanks for the suggestion.

“Im a Hustla”

It’s the milk you guys. Unexpired milk, obviously.