An Amazing short film of Rust posted on Reddit

Hey all,

Just wanted to link this in here,

The creator posted this on the reddit sub forum, if this is a repeat post please delete or close, just through it was amazingly done:

Very well made little clip, deserves more viewers.

Haha amazingly done.

Hope they’re making more :smiley:

Wow that should really be the official trailer for Rust.

this is brilliantly made :smiley:

The guys are not bold, woodpile doesn’t “explode” and become smaller

lol joking, that’s a great video! deserves more views

Hahahahha. Loved it.


F*cking fantastic!!

I’ve always thought a rock to the head should be a instakill…

This was too perfect!

Thanks for sharing dude!

Nice. Very well made.

Very well made but could have been longer.

Watched this at work and was laughing so loud. No one had a clue why it was so funny.

Thanks for the love guys, we really appreciate it!

This is pretty good! I saw the ending coming though :stuck_out_tongue:

Make this a web series NOW! :rock:


so much good