An American soldier calling air support

good build
love this artistic one

The smoke is too solid for my taste, posing’s pretty good

Wouldn’t green smoke represent a clear LZ or something? Well I guess if he radioed and just said “on the green smoke” then it would be okay.

It could be a signal to the planes to NOT bomb everything BUT where the smoke is. The only problem would be if the NVA or Vietcong had some green smoke…

Actually I do believe back in Vietnam, the NVA and Vietcong or either one did use Green smoke and used it to trick the US. I think it was in a movie I saw where they bombed their own men. I’m not known well with Vietnam, but asfar as I know by them booby trapping and tricks I know that Green smoke is a possibility.

Why did you use the bodygroup that has the backpack, and then use the radio over the backpack? That just looks dumb.

Good pose, great editing, great build! But seriously!

I thought Air-Support was red-smoke…

I lol’d it feel like he’s saying " HAI GUYZ, LOOK, I GOT A GRANADE :D"

I don’t like the gasmask, but that’s the model not really your fault, pic looks pretty good I think

Gas mask is too big I think.
Also ugly plants but the scene build is really good.