An American special forces soldier rounds a corner

purdy niez

something he never encountered before is about to make contact o.O

nice job with the posing and the lighting. The papers, blood, chip in wall, etc makes the mood feel spooky very well. Good job, nothing much for me to nag at :smiley:

Is okay

Not a whole lot, but is still okay.


Pretty cool as always.

That zombie forgot to tuck his shirt.
+1 piece of wood with paint on.

Looks pretty kick-ass!

i guess what situation after 10 second

Grain ovrload

Right now I am a blu spy in the red base.


Disguised as a scout?


Film grain is a little heavy. Rest looks good.

Bravo, it’s really nice and atmospheric.

I like to comment on the posing, but here I can’t see it.

I can’t blame you though, the lighting is very much justified.

The posing that can be seen is good, and the lighting does add to the mood you probably were after.

W00t my first post

Thanks doods

hi im bodenlan.