An angry, wounded predator takes his anguish out on a Colonial Marine

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Did he release the model?

Hellz yea AVP3 ragdolls!

His blood’s kinda dumb looking though. Needs moar glowy.

Yeah. Vman said it best: the blood needs some glow to it.

the hand on the gun doesn’t really look like it’s shoving it or grabbing it like it’s just resting it on there, but i love how it’s the view from the guy, so cool :wink:

Awesome, looks like its in game.

Piss off a Predator, watch him make love to your spine

Alien Cum.

Hahahahahhahahhehehheherrrr ummmm…

Unfortunately, Private Antonio Vasquez forgot to switch the green paintballs used in training for actual pulse ammunition.

Instead of taking out the predator, he only caught it’s attention, pissed it off, and made it slightly more green.

I’ll remember the glow for next time :slight_smile:

hey! cool!

I just picked it up at the release section :slight_smile:

Cant wait for all modelz.

The blood looks a little out-of-place but awesome camera angle.


Good Predator Skins.

Thats a model.

The predator looks happy to me.

FUCK that looks cool.

Predator: TK’d bitch!
Marine: Oh you fucking noob.