An Anti Air shooting down a plane

some practicing

Comment my shit will you.

Looking at the holes in the back of the rocket launcher,
the camera position should be filled with smoke too.

And needs a more red-ish explosion.

And pieces of metal.

Ur “shit” looks fine to me, There aint much metal on the explosion because its an Impact explosion, so its fine.
But I agree with the back smoke.

Looks so real Im no Photoshop expert but I think your among the gods of editing.

Why thank you, I totally think so too.

A bit too confident, are we?

I like it, though there should be smoke at the back…

No, I seriously honestly ment with no purpose of being sarcastic think that I’m the best screenshot editor in the world.


This + the smoke looks too perfectly round. Other than that though, nice lighting as usual.