An apology to Richard

I want to apologize to Richard because a good while ago i tried to run a GMOD server network which i came into problems with because i found that materials wouldn’t load and addons were inconsistent and would have issues intermittently. So to fix the issues i uploaded an addon to the workshop with materials, which i also later realized had the addon code in it. To be specific, it was Richard’s addon Arivia. At the time i didn’t know what i was doing but it fixed my issues and i never thought anything about it and i didn’t think of the consequences, i kept the workshop addon up long after my servers died which i was totally oblivious of the fact that it was backdooring his script.

It take full responsibility of the damages it may have caused and putting Richard in a position where his reputation was at stake as he may have been seen to be associating with people who leak scripts. I used to have Richard added on steam and he helped me so much with improving my scripts and so i want to publicly apologize for backdooring his script, putting his reputation on the line and any damages it may have caused!

To try and redeem myself for the mistake i made, i am going to be releasing a fair few scripts over the coming months to facepunch and publishing them on Github so that you can see the code which should hopefully show to the community that i am trying my best to better the community.

Richard knows that i am doing this and i wanted to show that i am dedicated in coming back to the community.
I am not about the money and never was, it was a bonus as i was trying to improve which is why i am content with releasing free scripts as much as possible!

I would also like to add that i apologize to anyone who used the workshop addon, it was unfair to publish that addon as people on the workshop expected the addon to be secure and some of the content wasn’t particularly true to the expectation.


Who the fuck is Richard

He’s some bald guy who likes dressing up as a maid.

Beats me!

Richard is the creator of the Arivia F4 Menu on gmodstore.

This Richard. You should probably PM him on gmodstore or just leave a comment on his Steam wall - doubt he’d see this unless Nook sent it to him. Also to Lunaversity (co-author of Arivia).

Richard spoke to me about this, he knows i have done this and has read it bud

Can’t wait for a bunch bunnyhop exploit code snippets :quotes:

I think we should all apologize to Richard, as this atrocity has not only shaken the reputation of Richard but the Garry’s Mod community as a whole. let’s all pay Richard respects


sorry richard

Sorry for your loss Richard.

please forgive us for our sins richard

Poor Richard, he was so kind he didn’t deserve this.

but he’s a Dick

Im sorry Richard. We never intended for this to happen and im sorry about the problems and anguish out actions and, to an extent, our inactions have caused. Please dont mistake our actions for intent. None of us wished for such an occurance to negatively affect you in this bad of a way.

If only you could feel the sincerity that i feel which i am unable to accurately convey through ours and mine own text.

On behalf of all facepunch and garrysmod users, i am sorry.

May god forgive us.

Man, Richard really looks like Alex Jones.