An Assassin About to Disrupt a Meeting Between a Bounty Hunter and Mercenaries

Really I’m out of ideas and patience to spend time on anything meaningful or something to impress people. So this pretty much a shit post of a not so great picture… starring Ilwrath… because he looks like a merc. Pretty much a thread for comments, positive or negative…

The second picture looks really good. I don’t like the first one, something with the angle I can’t tell…

Hey, It’s Nirrti.


Good picture.


do a backstory-screenshot series about the merc.


Hah I’d the exact same idea for a pose, but didnt had the access to Ilwrath’s model. :v:

The second pic is great.

Nice camera angles.

Seems that’s one of the things that holds a lot of my pictures up these days.

I was thinking about it, but nothing has come to mind yet.

I lol’d at Ilwrath.

And he lol’d at you.

cool stuff ben

cool stuff ben.

Can’t really tell whats going on.

Well… there’s a car, some dudes approaching another dude, and a dudette watching.

Nice. First pic is better then the second, I like the camera angle in that.

Is the dudette masturbating?

2nd picture FTW.

I like it, personally.

I like it, sexually.


What does “it” refer to? Don’t mention it.