An assimilated human shambles down a corridor.
C&C welcome


That’s awesome dude.


Resident Evil dejavu.

He sure is assimilated!


Uggghh :X The guy from the other thread should have ran away instead of staring at the creature…

Looks awesome man, altho the clothes should be like ripped around the mini tentacles on the chest :stuck_out_tongue:
Atmosphere is nice too.

I spent some time trying to do that, it ended up looking awful. Go ahead and edit it if you can, I’d like to see if anyone could do something cool with it.

Wow, thats freaky. Nice work putting all the pictures together.

I’m gonna try putting some gore and ripped clothes but I’m not very good at it either :confused: but I will give it a try at least, this picture deservers it.

holy crap
reminds me of The Thing

AHA! i was hoping someone would get that :biggrin:

Damn I was thinking of

Wow, really creative

Fucking awesome, man. Reminds me of The Thing

i was like “thats p cool man that probably took you like the whole day.”

and then now i’m like

“that’s p cool man”

“I need the flamethrower!”
“You need the what?”

Nice editing. I hope I can get that good. Creepy looking, too.

The Thing? I was thinking of a necromorph from Dead Space. Good pic! Kudos to you.

Holy shit, awesome. <3

That’s where Dead Space got it from.

“Damnit Childs, torch it!”. Awesome job.

This is awesome.

I love how you get a few different shots of the same scene but replacing the ragdolls and such to get that really nice finish.