An assortment of problems. Please Help!

Here recently it did this converting to a more efficent format. Afterwards I tried playing Garry’s Mod and when I joined a server I could not see any players, only their shadows, physgun, and there names. I also noticed a weird assortment of colors on different textures and objects. But the weird colors went away because i changed the launching options to -dxlevel 80. I still have a few problems.

-Missing Playermodels (invisible)
-Missing Revolver (invisible)

Please try and help. I have CSS and TF2, L4D1 & 2 all installed.

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I just realized when I went into singleplayer I have no hands on any of my guns, and when I went to go spawn a Zombie NPC the game froze and crashed with no error report whatsoever

What are specs of your pc? We really need to know the graphics card, CPU, and ram. Try updating your video drivers. Did you convert the other games to steam pipe?

You shouldn’t be using -dxlevel 80, DirectX 8 is having issues in all Source games right now.

No worries guys! I fixed it. I completely uninstalled CSS and Gmod from my computer by manually deleting the folder after I uninstalled local game data. Then I reinstalled them both and now its working fine!