An assortment of TF2 pictures

Only a few.

“Coming to an end…”

“Comeon 'doc”

“Lucky dodge!”

“Comeon’ mate”


To be honest the only one i personally like is the Sniper/Soldier one :love:

I love the Scout vs Medic shot! Nice posing!

they look really nice
but the blood is too bright and 2d

It’s tf2

they are very basic but exectuted really nice. I especially like the scout;medic picture

Solid posing and decent editing throughout. Camera angles could be improved though - too much empty space on the left at the expense of the medic being cut off in the second one, too much empty space on the right in the third one and the characters are really cut off in the fourth one.

As a posing nitpick, the sniper’s fingers are too curled up.

Pretty boring if you ask me, posing seems half assed and rushed, no editing except the orange strings coming out of the demomans mouth.

You should put some effort into your screens, not all of these 5 minute shits you’ve come with lately.

first one was my favourite but im pretty sure a syringe gun wouldn’t smoke

i feel engineer one was abit plain but i liked the rest