an astronaut looks in horror as the moon collides with the earth
this is probably the most longest edit i have ever done. took me about 1-2 hours to make the background and everything
heres the photoshop file of the space explosion
(fixed the lighting problem)

Pink space, and weird glow around the planets, lightning on the astronaut doesn’t fit. Apart from that it looks ok.

Or the background could be nebula.

The idea is kinda cool, but you have to work immediately the lighting reflective on the character! Because of that your posing is not realistic enough.

edit : ok I agree, the background isn’t realistic enough too :v

i didn’t know there was a sudden end to space when you look in any direction

Some things don’t add up here. Like lens flare in the explosion and the background. But kudos for trying to make something outside the usual stuff.
Looks cool no matter un-re-al-is-tic stuff.


Tactic00l astronaut.

OH NO!!! the moon1!!

I saw like 10 tutorials on how to make that background, nice job, but that tatic00l astronaut doesn’t fit.

The lighting of the foreground and background don’t match up in the slightest.

Doubt it, a nebula is a cloud of interstellar gas; they are rarely of one color. Besides, Earth isn’t anywhere near a nebula to be that big.

I’d say good work for some reason :p.

Couple things:

Needs huge splash of water/earth around where the moon is colliding
Less lens flare and “explosion”
Like others said about the lighting on the astronaut

Though I can see where a lot of work was put into this.

Also usually made of invisible gas. The hubble images we all see are almost exclusively false color of B&W/IR/invisible wavelengths of light images. :eng101:

The nearest nebula to our solar system is Helix which is 650 light-years away.
Actuall hubble image. It looks breath taking. Nebulas often do from a distance.

thanks for the wallpaper :smiley:
great job